HCF SuperMom Project



The problem in Nigeria is that we do not have enough skilled health care professionals, and most mothers are not very educated about Maternity Health Care.  Maternity health care by a skilled birth attendant is one of the key strategies for maternal survival - the reduction of maternal death is very low in Nigeria. However, education, income level, costs associated with seeking care, distance and time taken to travel significantly impacts the utilization of maternity health care.


This project will help to create a platform for women to educate themselves on managing motherhood and self development. Keeping mothers aware and educated on Maternity Health Care is imperative. The project will educate women on Maternity Health Care. The project will help to provide maternity wipes, prenatal vitamins and other health support, including an increased access to Maternity Health Care. We will be affecting minimum of fifty (50) women at the ECWA maternity home in Kano, Nigeria.

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