The HCF Inspiring Leaders Program is a community outreach initiative to build community leaders and aspiring professionals: The HCF ILP initiative revolves around leadership, life coaching and mentoring. This program is also offered virtually via Zoom video conferencing or Microsoft Teams in order to keep youth engaged while giving them a sense of direction.


Youth in Canada face multiple challenges: low self-esteem, lack of employment opportunities, neglect, lack of mentorship, negative peer influence and negative stereotyping. The presence of positive role-models and community ambassadors are sometimes out of reach for these youth. In most cases, they are distracted and end up channelling their energy towards negative outlets and experiences that are detrimental to their livelihoods


HCF has continued to find ways to keep youth engaged through various projects and community outreach initiatives Globally. We understand that having the required tools in life is integral to an individual’s personal development. The Inspiring Leaders Program will serve as a sustainable approach to provide life coaching and mentorship to participating youth who will become equipped with the right approach towards their decision making process in life; helping them set goals for themselves while recognizing the leadership accountability and responsibilities they have, through their set personal objectives. The HCF ILP initiative will create confident and inspiring leaders who will have a better sense of purpose to life.

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