The HCF Personal Hygiene Project:

The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic presented a harsh reminder on the need for protective and hygienic materials. Families and communities around the world especially in third world countries, and underserved communities in Nigeria are in dire need. HarryCares Foundation have been working on possible ways to help in alleviating these problems: Using a preventative approach, we will provide protective and hygienic materials, while educating the community on the importance of personal hygiene.



A constant problem facing Nigerian families are the dependency on daily work in order to feed that day or night. This is over 40-60% of 200 plus million Nigerians. After Covid-19 hit, these daily dependency has increased exponentialy with poor living conditions while putting health-concern as a secondary priority. A family that struggles to put food on the table once or twice a day will mostly likely not focus on providing the household with protective and hygienic materials.


HarryCares Foundation personal hygiene project (HCF PHP) will help alleviate the burden that these struggling families have by proving them with protective hygienic materials: face masks, toothpastes, anti-bacteria hand and body bar soap, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, wipes and personal cleansing wipes. The HCF PHP initiative will enable these struggling families to focus on channelling their daily earning towards putting adequate 3 square meals on the table for their families.

The Long Term Impact of the HCF PHP initiative is to educate these families and their children on the importance of personal hygiene: frequently washing their hands before and after eating, brushing their teeth daily, wearing face masks especially in enclosed spaces in order to protect their loved ones and hand sanitizing. In addition, to empower these families to take the responsibility to become more accountable on the value they put towards their personal, family and environmental health.


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