Women and Girls play huge roles in our community and world at large. We understand that women and Girls face so many challenges beyond our understanding. However, we want to continue to find ways to be part of the solution to their personal and professional lives.

It is important to unleash the potential of women and girls all around the world with a need for greater participation for women in all fields; from business to technology to sports, and any other profession they desire. HarryCares Foundation will coninue to create safe spaces and opportunity for women and girls to hone their skills and be represented as the leaders they are. We want to continue to contribute in building a community of leaders with an inclusive representation of women.


The HCF SuperMom Project is part of HarryCares Foundation (HCF) Community Development Initiative. It is focused on creating a platform for women to educate themselves on managing motherhood and self-development. 

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The HCF Girls Program is part of our community outreach initiatve in creating a safe space and equal opportunity for girls particpate in youth programs and sports just as thier male counterparts. giving girls the oportunities have been integral in the success of our programs over the years. Sports bridges gender gaps. In 2018 we added 10 girls to the Peace Ambassadorial program in Nigeria and 3 girls to our Youth Pathways Program in Toronto, Canada.

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