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The HCF Youth Pathways Program is focused on creating accountable leaders in the Black Community by equipping them with the right tools for leadership and personal development.


The Youth Pathways Program was established on November 2020 and ran until February 2021. Youth and partnering organization occasionally reach out to HarryCares for advise, speaking engagements or youth mentorship. We have kept this program open afterwards in order to continue to serve our youth and community.

Below is a summary of the previously concluded Youth Pathways Program.


Youth in Black communities face multiple challenges: low self-esteem, lack of employment opportunities, neglect, lack of mentorship, negative peer influence and negative stereotyping.

  • The presence of positive role-models and community ambassadors are most times out of reach for these youth

  • In most cases, they are distracted by these factors. They end up channelling their energy towards negative outlets and experiences that are detrimental to their livelihoods



We understand that having the required tools in life is integral to an individual’s personal development. 

  • This initiative will serve as a positive outlet for youth in the Black community to become accountable leaders while developing the skills required and equipping themselves with the right approach in setting attainable life goals

  • The program will inspire these youth to take the initiative in becoming responsible on their set personal objectives

  • The 1:1 program style will establish a coaching and mentorship opportunity for these youth to ask direct questions and to be heard



  • Accountable and inspiring leaders who will have a better sense of purpose to life

  • Community ambassadors who will become role models to others


What the program entails:

  • Leadership Accountability and Decision Making

    • Personal leadership story and leadership tools, 

    • Decision making: big D and small d decision making

  • Personal Development Plan 

    • Personal Analysis, SMART Goal Setting and Personal Objectives 

  • Financial Literacy 

Program Takeaways:

  • Each participant will be equipped with an understanding on how to be an accountable leader 

  • Each participant will develop an understanding of how to build a personal development plan (personal analysis, goal setting and personal objectives)

  • Each participant will have the opportunity to be equipped with financial literacy tools from a CIBC representative

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