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The Bigger Than Hoop Dreams (BTHD) 3x3 tournament was pioneered by late Emmanuel Ezenibe as means to create a safe space for youth and adults to compete and learn through a 3x3 basketball tournament style.


In 2016, HarryCares Foundation established the Bigger Than Hoop Dreams  3x3 Tournament. The tournament was the birth place of the Peace Ambassadors Program in North-Central Nigeria. The tournament style brought life to multiple youth in Lafia, Nassarawa State, Nigeria. 

Unfortunately, the pioneer of the program, Manager and Brother, Emmanuel Ezenibe passed away in January 2019. However, We have continue to ensure we keep his legacy on.

We have continued to run basketball and lifeskill clinics in Canada (Toronto, Halifax, Brampton) and Nigeria (Lafia, Abia, Port-harcourt and Calabar) as a means to create a safe space for youth to hone their basketball skills, build relationships and develop transferable life skills.

Over the years HarryCares Foundation has continued to embed lifeskills in all the camps and tournaments we organize as we want to ensure that all our participants, partners and donors understand that basketball is the tool.

The 3x3 tournament style enables youth to work in small groups and collaborate in order to achieve a desired team result.

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