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Harry has had multiple public speaking engagement to students, entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals. Including being a moderator and speaker at Africa's Premier Tech Event,  

He has also spoken at the following locations:

  • Central Toronto Youth Service (Black Excellence Event) in Toronto, Canada. Theme: Stories of Black Love and Joy. February, 2021 (virtual).

  • Saint Mary's University Entrepreneur Centre (Faculty of Arts: Aspiring Student Entreprenuer) Halifax, Canada. Theme: Becoming an ARTprenuer. January, 2021 (Virtual)

  • Aspire 4 Higher in Brampton, Canada. Theme: Using Basketball as a Tool February 2020.

  • Roy McMurtry Youth Centre (Youth in conflict with the law) in Brampton, Canada. Theme: Excellence Now. February 2019

  • University of Toronto. Theme: Transformative Leadership. March, 2018.

  • Giants of Africa Nelson Mandela Day in Toronto,  Canada. Theme: Future. December, 2017.

  • Damilolar Youth Centre in South-Peckham, United Kingdom. Theme: Empowering Others. January, 2015.

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