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The HCF SuperMom Project is part of HarryCares Foundation Community Development Initiative. It is focused on creating a platform for women to educate themselves on managing motherhood and self-development, and providing women with necessary wellness products such as prenatal vitamins and baby wipes.



The second phase of the project was intended to be executed in 2020 but due to the pandemic and unforeseen challenges, it was delayed until 2021. On June 2nd, the SuperMom project was held in Kano, Nigeria at the Maternal and Child Healthcare Center. The project was spearheaded by HCF Manager of Outreach and Women Empowerment Ruth Kalu with the help of 3 volunteers, Stella, Racheal and Theodora. Thanks to the coordinators and our generous donors we are proud to say we were able to reach over 60 women, more than double the amount from the first phase. The event was ~2 hours long and it featured speakers on pre/postpartum depression, coping skills, self-development, mental health and wellness and an exercise protocol to manage pregnancy related aches and pains. The attendees also received a gift bag with prenatal vitamins, baby wipes and other supplements.



  1. Increase access to maternity health care, provision of pre-natal vitamins, maternity wipes, and other health support

  2. Educate women about managing motherhood and self development while helping them to identify and      break barriers .

  3.  Providing women with information about prenatal and maternal care

  4. Keeping women and girls educated on proper hygiene.

  5.  Visual information on exercises and stretches to ease burden of pregnancy 

  6.  Help women identify, and breakdown the barriers that hold them back. 

The problem in Nigeria is that most women have limited access to skilled health care professionals, and most mothers are not very educated about maternity health care. Nigeria is currently the leading nation in maternal mortality, accounting for 20% of global maternal deaths (WHO). Maternity health care by a skilled birth attendant is one of the key strategies for maternal survival. Efforts to decrease maternal mortality have been very low in Nigeria. In addition to that, education, income level, costs associated with seeking care, distance and time taken to travel significantly impacts the utilization of maternity health care.

HarryCares Foundation SuperMom  will help to continue to create a platform for women to educate themselves on managing motherhood and self development. Keeping mothers aware and educated on Maternity Health Care is imperative. The ongoing project will educate women through the help of our volunteers and health professionals on Maternity Health Care. The project will help to provide Maternity Wipes, prenatal vitamins and provide access to information. We have reached over 200 women since the inception (2019-present) of the program and are looking to reach more women annually.

This project supports the sustainability of maternal health care while equipping women with the knowledge and tools for a healthy pregnancy. This contributes positively to the self-efficacy, mental heath awareness and self confidence of women. Ultimately, the SuperMom project creates access to more women and girls education on proper hygiene, and an overall increase in maternal health care. 

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