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The HCF Peace Ambassadors is an ongoing program focused on creating a sustainable system and peaceful environment while spreading the awareness of peace, bridging gaps, and growing the game of basketball through our community ambassadors.

Over the years the HCF Peace Ambassadors project have impacted 1 city in Canada and 5 major cities in Nigeria:

  1. Kitchener, Ontario (11 new ambassadors and over 30 community members and over 150 engagements for the community)

  2. Lafia, Nassarawa State (over 40 male and female ambassadors, including over 200 spectators and community leaders)

  3.  Kano, Kano State (over 60 male ambassadors, including over 300 spectators and community leaders)

  4.  Port-Harcourt, Rivers State (over 100 male and female ambassadors, including over 500 spectators and community leaders) 

  5. Umuahia, Abia State (over 60 male and female ambassadors, including over 100 spectators and community leaders)

  6. Calabar, Cross River (over 60 male and female ambassadors, including over 200 spectators and community leaders)

In each ambassadorial program or tournament, our volunteers and coaches embed life-skills session with focus on Leadership, Accountability, Self-Confidence and Goal-Setting



The Goals of the HCF Ambassadors for Peace are to create a sustainable system and peaceful environment while committing to healthy lifestyles through sports, education (life-skills) and individual development as community athletes. Creating the awareness of peace, healthy living and well-being. These community athletes will become role model to aspiring youth and community leaders contributing to keeping youth informed and engaged. 


In 2016 HCF established the first HCF Peace Ambassador Project in Lafia, Nasarawa State, and have created further awareness in Kitchener, Canada, Abia, Rivers, Kano and Cross River State, Nigeria as a means to contribute in keeping youth informed, engaged and inspired to be positive role models in their respective communities.

The problems are most youth are not engage and are distracted with activities that may be detrimental to their future. Multiple youth have various positive life aspirations but are exposed to living in cities and communities with less opportunities for a lifetime. Role models and mentors are not present in the lives of these youth, leading to them taking up various responsibilities and actions that mar their future, thereby diminishing their health and well-being.



Using sports as a tool for empowerment and information sharing have been one of the integral ways of contributing positively to global communities, and to effect sustained positive change.

The program will continue to produce positive role models and community athletes who will contribute to their respective communities in creating an avenue to mentor others, spread the awareness and importance of living a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

The long term impact to sustaining the HCF Peace Ambassadors Project will positively impact the life of countless youth who are mentally equipped to overcome adversity in order to make better informed decisions that will better their future, and the lives of those impacted. The opportunities and program awareness will aid to the personal and future professional development of these youth. Sustaining this project will require constant awareness of program participation, basketball and Life Skills clinics, financial support, and proper mentorship.

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